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  • The abstracts can be submitted via the online system.

  • The abstracts' language can be either Turkish or English.

  • The abstracts can be submitted under the following headings:

    • Radiological

    • Nuclear medicine

    • Radiation oncology

    • Radiation protection and radiation safety

    • Other

  • The maximum number of words is 500.

  • 2 tables, 2 figures can be added.

  • All abstracts can be sent as posters.

  • After the referee evaluation, the submitted abstracts will be accepted as Oral / Poster / E-poster.

  • The deadline for the sending abstract is September 22, 2019.

  • It is compulsory for the accepted abstract owners to complete the congress registration.

  • The abstracts of people who do not have a congress registration will not be published in the abstract book.

  • The abstracts not presented in the congress will not be included in the abstract book.

  • The book will be published as a pdf on the congress and association website after the congress.

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